Our Maine Coon Connection

   Our passion for Making our Maine Coon Kitten Connection began back in 2009 when we realized we were going to be moving from our ministry position back home to TN. Knowing it would finally be a possibility I (Beth) convinced my mom (Tammy) to begin the search for our families perfect Maine Coon match.

We had been studying the breed for several years just waiting for the opportunity to have our very own. We already knew we loved the brown classic and that would be our first kitten. We found a mentor that agreed to teach us the ropes and help us with showing our cats and then we took the plunge and fell in love with our first Maine Coon kitten of our very own.

Because we were moving to TN, we named her Essennet (that's my version of TN backwards). She was the perfect first Maine Coon Queen. We have had so many wonderful experiences since then breeding our cats and sharing the love they have brought into our family.

I have now moved to IN. But, Mom and I still work together providing award winning championship breed line quality kittens - raised under foot with lots of love and attention.

My Cattery is "Maine Coon Classics" I have a facebook page with that name also. Mom's Cattery is the "Smoky Mountain Maine Coons" Our web page is where we "connect" with each other and those looking for the perfect new family member. My uncle David also helps us. He is in Knoxville too. His cattery is "Big Coon Cats". 

We have added championship lines by importing our maine coon queens and maine coon sires from all over the world. 

We take reservations requests on a first come first served basis. See our reservations page for details. Also see our policy page for more information on making reservations and pricing. To see available kittens check out our available maine coon kittens page. 

If you looking for the  Your Maine Coon Connection send us a note and tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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