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Everyone Loves a Maine Coon!

Maine Coon Kittens are different than any other breed. They will win your heart and keep  it for life. 

Above we list the most current litter and any kittens still available. We do take reservations and have a waiting list. If you would like to reserve a Maine Coon Kitten simply fill out our form. The form page tells you how we handle that process. If you wish to be put on the waiting list simply contact us.

Check back on this page to see when we are expecting our next litters

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Available Kittens

Panthera and Cyrus April 3rd

Indigo and Blaze April 23rd

Mystery and Blaze May 5th

Felicity and Blaze May 5th

Sayomi and Blaze May 11th

Hershey and Blaze May 14th

Desi & Sogorsky

Aria & Mussorgsky

Mussette & Mussorgsky

Desi & Mussorgsky

Planned Pairings

Mussette & Sogorsky

Aria & Sogorsky

Joy and Crush

Indigo and Crush

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Coming Due Dates:

Aria & Crush

Nov  9th

Planned  Pairings

Rhapsody &

Nov 1st

Sayomi & Blaze 

Dec 2016


Past Litters

Panthera & Sterling 

July 5th

Sayomi & Roscoe

August 15th

Essie & Sterling

July 2nd