Maine Coon Kitten Queen
"Skye Dancer"


Past Litters: Her first pairing will be in May of 2023


Skye Dancer is our Blue Eyed Dominant

Black with White Queen.  

She is more than incredible to look at. She has personality as big as Texas. She is a true pure bred blue eyed Maine Coon. There are a lot of blue eyed "maine coons" out there but they are not from the line of Elivis. The only purebred line of blue eyed maine coons. If they are not pure bred then the trait was "bred for" and the gene pool weakend and diluted. With Dominant Blue eyed the blue eyes happend naturally as a freak of nature. So the genetics are not weakened, and you still have a purebred with no other outside gene influences.

She has her Dad's BIG personality. She loves to watch tv. She will eat half the bowl of popcorn and leaves a big mess. No worries she plays chasing the bits all over later. She is constant energy and affection. We are constantly laughing and musing at how wonderful she is. 

Skye's kittens will be all colors of the rainbow and we know they will be a wonderful addition to any family

Skye Dancer's Parents





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