Maine Coon Sires
SMMC Gentle Giants

SMMC  Maine Coon Sires are specially chosen from top award winning bloodlines.
We breed for size as well as a loving and gentle personality.

Kristolin Dandy (Dandy)
Black Smoke


Black Smokes Maine Coons go through various coat changes sometimes almost appearing white before getting their adult and final coat at around 2 years of age.  You can see some of Dandy's different phases in these pictures


Emilien Akoni : "AK"
Cream Silver


We are so excited about our new sire Maine Coon Sire Emilien Akoni: Affectionately nicknamed "AK"

He is a gorgeous Cream Silver!  He has a huge personality to match his size. Twenty two pounds at a year old. He is going to be huge like his Daddy! His is super super sweet and gentle with all his new girlfriends. His transition from Russia went very smoothly and now he is learning to speak our a new love language (and doing quite well). We look forward to some amazing kittens from his pairings.

Za' Merlin (Rauchen)
Black Smoke with White
& Dominant Blue Eyes


Linda & Ted came for a visit to meet the Dad of their kittens Lincoln and Boone


Za' Merlin "Rauchen" is bigger than life. If you don't want a hug don't say hello to Rauchen.  


Marianne is our right hand at SMMC She helps with all the cat care and is invaluable

Rauchen has been an incredible addition to our cattery. He never stops talking has a purr as big as a lion and is a total lover. He has to be hugged and cuddled all the time. He loves, loves, loves kids. Everyone who comes by says there is no way to describe him until you meet him. He is our Dominant blue eyed boy. (from the Rociri Elvis gene considered a spontaneous mutation from Elvis) From Personality to smarts to size we have a winner in Rauchen his offspring have proven to be equal in scope! 

Emrys Myrddin


As Mystical and magical as his name implies Emrys is stunning and huge sire! A gorgeous black silver!  He is a super muscular and does not realize how big he is. His kittens will be gorgeous and likely be big  in size and stature. We love having him and looking forward to many years of kittens!

Mussorgsky (Zorsky) Retired
Brown Black Classic
*Registered as Dominix Artimax Elbarko


5 year old granddaughter :)

This picture is at 9 months old, he weighs 18 pounds.

Mussorgsky "Just chilling"

This Gentle Giant is as Gentle as he is big. "Sogorsky" is the sweetest biggest cat! He is retired now: but, from his first amazing litter to the last,  all the kittens were really big, beautiful and full of personality. The best thing about him is his incredible personality. He was so gentle with the kids and let them play and lay all over him.   We were so grateful for this amazing addition to our breeding line.