Maine Coon Connection
Policy Page

Our kittens parents Have all tested NEGATIVE for:


 All kittens are de-wormed & have the first round of vaccinations.

Making Reservations:
Photos posted when kittens  are born and frequently updated as they grow.

We start taking reservations when they are 4 weeks old. 

Prices are by kitten by Litter

Pet Quality: $1000.00 - $1500.00

Show/ Breed Quality - $1500 - $2000

Breeding Rights - Additional $2000.00 (rarely given)

We will ship to any major airport using Delta services for $400.00

Making a Reservation Deposit
Deposits are for half the purchase price and are non refundable.

Get on the waiting list

We do have a waiting list and will be glad to add your name. Please fill out the reservation form and indicate at the top this is a reservation and you want on the waiting list.

Or send us an email.

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Available Kittens

Panthera and Cyrus April 3rd

Indigo and Blaze April 23rd

Mystery and Blaze May 5th

Felicity and Blaze May 5th

Sayomi and Blaze May 11th

Hershey and Blaze May 14th

Desi & Sogorsky

Aria & Mussorgsky

Mussette & Mussorgsky

Desi & Mussorgsky

Planned Pairings

Mussette & Sogorsky

Aria & Sogorsky

Joy and Crush

Indigo and Crush