Maine Coon Connection
Policy Page

SMMC Maine Coon Genetic Testing :

  • All our Maine Coon Queens and Sires have been tested and are NEGATIVE for: HCM, FIV and FeLV and PKD. All kittens have their first round of vaccinations and have been dewormed.

Maine Coon Kitten Reservations :

  • You must read and agree to our adoption contract before we will accept your request for a reservation.
  • You can request to make a reservation by clicking the link under the picture of the available kitten, or by submitting a contact us form. Please be sure to list which kitten you are asking to reserve. We will confirm the kitten is available before accepting a down payment reservation. 
  • Photos are typically posted when kittens 1 to 2 weeks old. Pictures are sent to reservation holders every couple of weeks as they grow.
  • We start taking reservations after pictures are posted. 
  • To ask about pick of litter on upcoming litters text or email us.

Maine Coon Reservation Deposit:

  • Deposits for reservation half the purchase price and is non refundable.

Maine Coon Kitten Pricing:

  • Prices for Maine Coon Kittens are by kitten and by Litter. Prices are listed on each litter page
  • All maine coon kittens regardless of quality are sold as pet quality:

$1600 - $2800

  • Show/ Breed rites are sold separately  $2000


  • We will ship your maine coon kitten to any major airport using Delta services. Price is based on flight cost usually between $400 - $500 (there is a temporary embargo on shipping live pets via Cargo)
  • You may also employ a pet shipper of your choice to ship your maine coon kitten to you.
  • We have a couple of pet shippers that will pick up the kitten at the cattery and drive to meet you or deliver your kitten. In those cases it is .51 cents per mile from the cattery or $75 whichever is greater. 
  • Many choose to fly in and pick up their kitten. We will meet you at the airport.

Waiting list for a Maine Coon Kitten

  • While we do not have a waiting list, we will reserve 1st, 2nd, and on rare occasion 3rd pick on a litter. If there is not a kitten available that suits your pick when the litter is born, you will be allowed to move your pick to the next available position on any other litter. 
  • We take reservations on a first come basis after the kittens are posted. We will announce 2 weeks ahead of time the date and time pictures will post and kittens will be available for reservations.