Maine Coon Connection
Policy Page

Our kittens parents Have all tested NEGATIVE for:


 All kittens are de-wormed & have the first round of vaccinations.

Making Reservations:
Photos posted when kittens  are born and frequently updated as they grow.

We start taking reservations when they are 4 weeks old. 

Prices are by kitten by Litter

Pet Quality: $1000.00 - $1500.00

Show/ Breed Quality - $1500 - $2000

Breeding Rights - Additional $2000.00 (rarely given)

We will ship to any major airport using Delta services for $400.00

Making a Reservation Deposit
Deposits are for half the purchase price and are non refundable.

Get on the waiting list

We do have a waiting list and will be glad to add your name. Please fill out the reservation form and indicate at the top this is a reservation and you want on the waiting list.

Or send us an email.

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Available Kittens

Musette & Mussorgsky   July 21

Desi & Mussorgsky

Planned Pairings

Lucy & Mussorgsky

Aria & Mussorgsky

Joy and Crush

Felicity and Crush

Sayomi and Crush

Indigo and Crush