3 Gorgeous Maine Coon Kittens
Sofiya & Waldermaine Caruso
 3 Male
Born Dec 29th - Release March 5th

Queen Sofiya

Blue Eye Dominant

Sire Waldermaine Caruso

Male Maine Coon Kittens


Blue Collar  

Red Mackerel Tabby

Reserved: $1900

Going to his forever home with Gus & Becky

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Big boy and very vocal. He has some gorgeous stripping. Hard to get him still enough to photograph it. 


White Collar  

Red Classic Tabby

Reserved : $1900 

Going to his forever home with Lynn

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Big boy also, and his is equally as talkative as his brother. He is not afraid of anything. 


Purple Collar  

Cream Silver


Reserved : $3500

Staying with our breeding program

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Cream Silvers produce the best color variations. We are so excited to have a blue eyed Dominant Cream Silver!

Female Maine Coon Kittens

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