Hershey & Blaze have 6 adorable kittens
 3 Females & 3 Males Born May 14th 2019 
Release date: July 20th
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Male Lt Blue Collare :  Blue Solid  


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Male Green Collar

Reserved and going to his forever home with Kassidy 

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Male Blue Smoke with White :  Yellow Collar

Reserved Going to his forever home with Nicky L.

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Female: Blue Torbie

Blue Collar

Reserved: Going to her forever home with Heather : 

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Female Brown Torbie Orange Collar 

On Hold and going to her forever home with Jane

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She is the smallest of the littler and has a small tail.

But, she is a big lover and has a great personality as well as she is adorable.

She comes to visit out laps often.

Female Brown Torbie  

Pink Collar

On Hold: Going to her forever home with Jody

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