Congratulations! Lady Mae and Crush
4 Males & 2 Females
Born Sept 26th Release Date Dec 5th

Maine Coon Christmas Kittens from our
European Lines!!!


Female Pink Collar : Blue Mackerel  $1000


Going to her forever home with Stephanie

Want to meet the boss? She is pretty in pink and knows who she wants and when she wants them. She is adventurous and full of playfulness, but loves a good snuggle at the end of a good play date.

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Female Orange Collar: Blue Torbie $1000 Reserved

Going to her forever home with Amy

We absolutely love this gal! She has the biggest personality and the sweetest look too! She is rocking individuality to the max!

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Male Lightning : Blue Mackerel with White $1100 


Going to his forever home with William G

We call this little man lightning. Yes, it started because of the streak on his head, but he is the fastest of all the kittens too. He is out in the middle of the room while the rest are still finding their way. He is super affectionate and purrs so big every time you touch him.

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Male Blue Collar: Blue Mackerel $1100  Reserved

Going to his forever home with Melissa

This male is striking with his coloring and markings. We love his temperament and playfulness. He keeps "Lightning" busy. It is hard to capture a still of him he moves so much!

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Male Purple Collar : Blue Mackerel with White  $1100 


Going to his forever home with Lindsay


Oh look there is a kitten on my foot. Every time I look down he is there. Have you ever had kittens run out to greet you? Get ready he will.

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Male Red Collar: Blue Mackerel $1100


Going to his forever home with Michelle

This fellow is special he has the chinchilla fur and is going to be quite the looker too. Not scared of anything and ready to explore the world. He will make a great addition to any family especially one with children.

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Felicity & Hunter June 27th

Natome & Cyrus June 29th

Tia & Cyrus  July 7th

Sayomi & Hunter July 4th

Indigo & Cyrus July 11th

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Joy & Yota June 2020

Andy $ Yota June 2020

Felicity & Yota Oct 2020