Just in time for Christmas
Maine Coon Kittens!

Congratulations Panthera and King Cyrus!!!  
 7 Maine Coon Kittens  5 Males 2 Females
Born Oct 10 th 2018
Release Date 15th -22nd 2018

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This Female is a big girl She is very playful. She is clever and waits to see if others get in trouble before she tries it.

We changed her collar to green. So it is different than the picture. She has some big paws and we expect she will be a large female.

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 Female : Green Collar

Brown Classic Mackerel

Available : $1200

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 Female: Yellow Collar:  Brown Classic Mackerel

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This female has stripes for days. She is so gorgeous!  She is  a  always cautious at first and then warms up really quickly.  She loves  to be where  we are and in the thick of things.    Reserve this kitten now


Male White Collar:   Brown Mackerel

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This Striped fellow is the super fun to play with loves to play monster under the cover. He is not afraid of much and takes on whatever comes his way. He has a super sweet personality . He is absolutely adorable to look at and watch. His striped markings are amazing.  He will make a good loyal companion.

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Male Blue Collar:  Brown Classic with White

Reserved: $1500   

Going to his forever home with Roy and Sophia

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This "Big" little guy  is going to be huge. He is super curious. He was the first one to venture out, and he loves to play ghost under the covers. He likes to chase anything that moves.

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Available : 1500

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Male Orange Collar:  Brown Classic with White 
Reserved: $1500  
Going to his forever home with The Mann Family
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This Male Kitten was the largest one of the litter. He has a big personality to match.  His markings are spectacular. He is going to be a looker for sure. His long fur is so soft and amazing. 

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Male Red Collar:      Brown Mackerel

Reserved Going to his forever home with Amy W.

Reserved  : $1500  

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This kitten is the sweet male that hangs back and watches everything.  His mackerel pattern is really nice. He has tons of stripes and great ear tips.

He is  another one  that waits and joins when it suits him. Otherwise he just likes to hang out with the "adults."

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Male Purple Collar:   Brown Classic 

Reserved : $1500 

Going to His forever home with Barbara

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This  boy just likes to play. He doesn't sweat the small stuff. He is so busy having fun he forgets to worry about  what else might be going on. He looks like he will be a big boy and his mane should be amazing.

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