Congratulations Panthera and King Cyrus!!!  
 6 Maine Coon Kittens  3 Males 3 Females
Born: April 3rd
Release Date: June 14th

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 Female 1: Pink Collar

Brown Classic Mackerel

Available : $1400

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This little gal is very affectionate loves to be held. She loves to attack anything that won't attack her.

 Female 2: Green Collar:  Brown Classic Mackerel with White

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This girl is a follower. She can run with the best of them. Very easy going and will be your constant shadow.

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Female 3 Orange Collar: Brown Classic  

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This girl knows what she wants and how to get it. Look to her to lead the pack. She is not afraid to show you the way, but loves a good snuggle when she gets there.


Male 1 Navy Blue Collar:  Brown Black Mackerel

Available: $1500   

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This little guy is a big sweet heart but always looking for a challenge when he is not nuzzling up to you. He is the most affectionate but also plays the hardest.

Available : 1500

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Male 2 : Collar Baby Blue Brown Mackerel with White 
Available: $1500  
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This little guy is very affectionate. He hangs back and watches everything. He likes to play hard and loves to snuggle harder.

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Male 3 Red Collar:  Brown Classic with White Feet  

Reserved  : $1500  

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This little man likes to fight with #1 Male. They play really hard.   He likes a good nap on your lap but you may have to go look for him he is always looking for an adventure.

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