European Purebred Maine Coon Kittens

Sayomi and Roscoe are parents
7 Kittens : 3 Female, 4 Male
Born August 15th Release Date Oct 22nd
All Kittens Placed in this litter

Our Maine Coon Kittens come to you with

  • One Year Health Guarantee
  • First set of  vaccines
  • 1st Wellness Exam
  • Micro chipped

Female 1: Reserved

Going to her forever home:

with: Ellen G

Black Smoke $1000

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This is the lover kitten of this litter. She takes care of all her siblings. Gives them each a snuggle and then checks on her people to make sure everyone has some love.

Female 2: Reserved and going to  her forever home with Kat

Black with White $1000

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Female 3: Reserved 

Going to her forever home with Cynthia

Black with White: $1000

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This girl is a playful affectionate kitten that will make a great companion. She loves to ride the broom and help us sweep the wood floors.

This fellow is afraid of nothing. He is a definite born leader. He was the first to climb the pole all the way to the second floor.

Male 1: Orange Collar

Going to his forever home with Liz Thomas

Solid black $1100

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Male 2 Green Collar :


Going to his forever home with Wendy

Black Smoke  $1100

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This male is gorgeous with great markings and a great temperament. He will get taken fast don't wait to reserve him!

Male 3  Blue Collar :

Going to his forever home with Rebekah & Clan

Smoke black $1100

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Male 4 :  Reserved and going to his forever home with Jordan

Solid Blue $1100

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