Maine Coon Kittens ~ 

This Litter has all been placed!

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Gorgeous Maine Coon Kittens: Silver Mackerel with White and Smoke Silver Mackerel with and without white. These kittens are going to be gorgeous.


Female 2: Went to her forever home with Danielle.

Silver Smoked with White

(on left - pink collar)

 Reserved Male:

Going to his forever home with Tracy!

Male 3: Silver Smoke with Mackeral striping and White This fellow is a looker for sure; his fur is so thick and full and he is such a lover. He is the largest of the litter and has a larger than life personality.


Female 1: Silver Black Mackerel with White (black collar)

Going to her forever home with Dane!

Reserved :

Going to her forever home with Bev and Mike

Female 3: Silver Mackerel with White  (green collar)


Male 1: KOVU

Silver Mackerel with White.  Going to his forever home with Taylor and Jordan.

Pictured below: Feeling safe with Mom & Dad ~ So Chill


Male 2: Going to his forever home with Mary Kay

Silver Mackerel with White

This little guy is going to bring lots of fun and cuddles your way - get ready!

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