Congratulations Emmy and Sterling!
Born 9/3/2015
Available to go home now!

Female Maine Coon Kittens

Take "meow" home now

Pink Collar:

Female: Available

This girl is a lover first and a player second. Purr box is always on.  The laser light is a true fave for this gal. 

This girl is a watcher. She lets everyone else get in trouble and then, when no one is looking she gets away with it. 
She plays hard but loves to be on your lap too.

Orange Collar:

Silver Mackerel with White

Female: Reserved

Purple Collar:

Silver Female with White

Female: Reserved for Linda

This girl is a mixer. She takes on the bigger kittens and nothing scares her.
She plays hard but loves to be where you are. 

Yellow Collar:

     Blue Mackerel with White 

Female: Reserved

and going  to her forever home with Carrie

This girl is a lover extraordinaire. She is always wants to be on your lap and in the middle of everything.

Male Maine Coon Kittens

This male has some gorgeous marking and is a clever fellow. He figures out how to open things and get into otherwise not possible situations. He's also a true lover and snuggle buddy.  

Green Collar:

Silver Blue Mackerel with White

Male: Reserved

Aqua Collar:

Blue Mackerel Male with White

Male: Reserved

and going to his forever home with Jessica


This blue boy is a gorgeous big boy. He's the leader of the bunch when it comes to playing. He is really stately.

Proud Parents of 6 Gorgeous Maine Coon Kittens!