Maine Coon Kittens
Sterling and Kismet are Parents

All Kittens from this litter are Reserved
Next available litter is Serenity and Sterling 3/31/15

Maine Coon Kittens born Feb 6th 2015. Four Males and 1 Female

Pure bred Gorgeous Long Hair Brown & Silver Mackerels

Female: Reserved

This girl is a riot. She is always wanting to play and frolic with her siblings. My daughter loves her to death!

Going to her forever home in April!

Male 1: Reserved

This guy and his sister are best buds! Always finding new and exciting ways to keep us on our toes. Always trying to steal our spots and always so loving!

Going to his forever home in April!

Male 2: Reserved

This little guy is a purr box. The second you touch him there he goes....purring like crazy.

Going to be with Sharon in April!

Male 3:  Reserved

This guy takes after his dad. Sweet, affectionate, and big.  He never passes up a nice warm sun spot in the middle of the floor.

Going to his new home in April

Male 4: Reserved

This guy is our little cuddle bug! He is constantly looking to be where you are or stealing your seat when you get up, just so you have to pick him up when you come back.

Going to be with his new family in April.

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Felicity & Hunter June 27th

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Joy & Yota June 2020

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