Retired Maine Coon Queens

"Mysty" as we call her is a gorgeous Black Smoke. She is very affectionate and protective Mother. She still likes to play and ramble. She has a gorgeous profile and silky smooth fur. But, turns the lights out and it becomes a "Midnight Mystery" where she is.

Midnight Mystery Litter Links

Sophie - Retired

Heavenly Hershey - Retired

Heavenly Hershey is a Brown Classic Female. She is  an absolute delight. She is very sweet and timid and takes incredible care of her kittens. We love having her around to offer comfort and affection. She is every color of chocolate and brings all the satisfaction of the original "Hershey"

Aria Retired

Aria is one of our own females. she is very big and equally as graceful. She has a very strong maternal drive. She loves to snuggle with all the kittens and other cats and mothers everyone.

Queen Essennet ("Essie") - Retired

"Essie" A Brown Classic Tabby with gorgeous golden undertones also has a wonderful temperament. She is so easy going and will do anything you ask of her. She is a complete snuggle bunny with her kittens. It is so adorable.

Essie & Webster 7/12

Essie & Webster 11/12/12

Essie & Webster 7/10/13

Essie & Webster 12/13/13

Essie & Sampson 6/12/14

Essie & Sampson 11/14

Essie & Sampson 5/15/2015

Essie & Sterling 7/2/16

Princess Emelia ("Emmy") - Retired

At Smoky Mountain Maine Coon Cattery we know the value of maintaining excellence in the quality of health of both the parents and the kittens. All of our cats are raised as part of our family. They are very well socialized and a very big part of our lives. Our kittens are well developed socially and very people oriented.

  1. Emmy & Webster 11/26/2012
  2. Emmy & Webster 5/23/2013
  3. Emmy & Ike 11/20/2013
  4. Emmy & Ranger 11/20/14
  5. Emmy & Sterling 4/20/2015
  6. Emmy & Sterling 9/2/15

Lady Serenity ("Seri") - Retired

Lady Serenity or "Seri" is my peace in the midst of the storm. She gives so much love and loyalty. She will let you do anything and wants to be right where you are. She is a wonderful Queen.

Serenity & Ike 11/5/2013

Serenity & Sampson 6/19/2014

Serenity & Sterling 4/4/2015

Serenity & Sampson 8/17/2015

Serenity & Sampson 4/20/16

Panthera - Retired

Panthera is a gorgeous brown ticked mackerel! She is a playful young queen but a great Mother to her kittens as well. We are so glad to have her in our breeding program.

Kismet- Retired

Kismet & Sterling 2/6/15 

Kismet & Sterling 4/6/15

Kismet & Sterling 5/7/16

Kismet & Crush 9/25/16

Sassy - Retired

 Sassy & Sterling  4/17/2015

Sassy is a Brown Classic Golden and she is absolutely Gorgeous. She is a great Mama and has a terrific temperament. She is great with Children.

Countess Ivy - Retired

Countess Ivy is a gorgeous blue and white classic tabby and she throws the most gorgeous kittens. Their fur is so long and soft they are incredible.

She is a very good mom and looks out for all her kittens quite closely.

She likes to snuggle but is not at all over bearing or demanding. I love this lady. She is awesome.

Ivey & Ike 11/22/2013