Maine Coon Depot: Our Favorite Products
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  •  Litter Robot 
  •  Litter Box & Litter
  •  Litter Mats & Trays
  •  Odor Control
  • Crates / Transport
  •  Cat Fencing
  •  Enclosures
  • Collars, Leashes
  • Grooming
  • Training 
  • Monitoring

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Over the years SMMC has found some products are a must have, others are a simply a luxury and the rest land somewhere in-between.  We are constantly asked if we have used this or that product. So, we decided to set up some pages to share some of our experiences with you. We do have an affiliate relationship with the the makers. However, we are not paid to recommend any specific products.

We will only recommend the items we have tried or believe to be a good product.