Maine Coon Kitten Queen
Mischief Mayhem :"Missy"


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Mischief Mayhem is our Blue Eyed Dominant

Blue with White Queen.  

We are so excited to have this huge girl in our breed stock. She is the daughter of our largest female (Pepperazzi) and one of our largest boys Rauchen. We expect nothing but big "kids". If they have a 1/10 of her need to be th ecenter of attention and into everything you are in for a good time. She is super loving and full or curiosity. Stunning and full of personality, she is definitely a fave! She is a true pure bred blue eyed Maine Coon. There are a lot of blue eyed "maine coons" out there but they are not from the line of Elvis. The only purebred line of blue eyed maine coons. If they are not pure bred then the trait was "bred for" and the gene pool weakened and diluted. With Dominant Blue eyed the blue eyes happened naturally as a freak of nature. So the genetics are not weakened, and you still have a purebred with no other outside gene influences.

Missy's kittens will be big and gorgeous, and we know they will be a wonderful addition to any family

Mischief Mayhem's : "Missy's" Parents