Alf settled in😍

by Stitch

Well hello!

Well hello!

Alf is from Evanstar and Rauchen’s litter, it took him a couple of days to settle in, but now he knows he’s a king! He takes after his mom and loves riding around the house on my neck like a scarf, which I think is hilarious! He loves every toy that we have given him so far, and I absolutely love him! 💕 our vet looked at the adoption contract and health guarantee, and he said it was a good, thorough contract. I would buy from these people again in a heartbeat! I actually set up the cat tree we got him today, and he had to test it out before I had even finished building it! I got him down several times, then he asked to ride on my shoulders again. I love him so much, he’s everything that I hoped he would be. Thank you so much Tammy!

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Dec 23, 2023

by: Tammy

Evanstar rides our shoulders everywhere! She must pass this trait on. This is a kitten from her first litter, so I am excited to see what their personality turns out to be. Thanks for sharing.

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