Maine Coon Kittens

3 Males and 1 Female
All placed in forever homes

In her forever home with McKenzie

This gal we call the road runner. She is super fast and runs everywhere. She loves to ambush her brothers. But, when she slows down she wants to be with someone.

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Male : In his new home with Ryan

This is a saddle and cap calico. He has the most gorgeous fluffy full fur and is so fast and adventurous. We have nicknamed him lightning because he has a cute white streak on his forehead and he is so fast. He is extremely affectionate. You have to see him to believe how gorgeous he is.

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The classic brown with white has terrific  marking and manners. He is very gentle mannered. He loves to be a little bit mischievous when his brothers are, but he is smart enough to let others take the blame for it.

Male: Reserved for Marie

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Male Reserved:

Steve and Mary

This little boy blue is a funny little guy loves to play ball. He can kick a ball around for an hour. He looks like he is going to be a big little boy blue too. He is a real lover as you can see him napping on my lap.

Additional Pictures

Congrats to Ike and Emmy on their gorgeous new kittens. They have two rare blue classic babies one male one female one brown classic with white male and one black and white van male.