✭✭✭✭Meet Pete✭✭✭✭

by Rhonda B.

First Night Home

First Night Home

Meet Pete, our beautiful, playful, and snuggly-when-he-wants-to-be Maine Coon kitten. He’s 16 weeks old and already a big part of our family which includes (2) Golden Retrievers who are his buddies. Pete is my first cat and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get him. Along with that I am so happy I found MaineCoonClassics (and Smokey Mountain Maine Coons). Beth and Tammy are wonderful!! The both took time to answer all of my ‘I’ve never had a cat’ questions and helped me understand colors queens and sires. About a week after he was born Beth called me. From there she would call to check in or send pictures of Pete to keep me updated until I could pick him up. It was a great experience and we are having so much fun with Pete. I would definitely return to Beth and Tammy if (when) we decide to get another one!

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