Maine Coon Kittens

Serenity & Sampson!

All Kittens from this litter have loving homes

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Male: Found a forever home with Heather 

Brown Ticked With White

We call this little guy "Kodiak" because he looks like he is a brown bear. He is a gorgeous long hair with a very affectionate personality. Playful and confident.

Male: Went to his forever home with Mark

We called this little guy sweeper because he can sweep you off your feet - but also for the fact that he loves to chase the broom.

Male: Went to his forever home with Wayne

Talk about a sweet heart. This little guy was loved before he was borm. Wayne put in a reserve for this cat before he was born and "Tobie" has been the answer to his prayers. A match made in heaven literally! 

Female:   Staying with Smoky Mountain Maine Coons as a Breeder

Male: Went to his forever home with Cele & Tori 

His name is Bonsey! How cute is that. He looks like a gorgeous black bear. He has a very affectionate personality and is a curious little guy. He likes to help with everything. He believes he can help you with anything. He will make a great addition to a loving family.

Serenity and Sampson have a litter of 5 kittens born on July 19th!

~ 4 Males and 1 Female ~

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Serenity's Past Litters

Second Litter Due: June 20th 2014

Serenity's first litter: Nov 20,2014

Sampson's Past Litters

Sampson First Litter Due: June 8th

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Indigo and Blaze April 23rd

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Hershey and Blaze May 14th

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Desi & Mussorgsky

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