Maine Coon Kittens from this litter have all been adopted

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4 Female and 2 Male Kittens

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Female Kittens

This gal is a lover and likes to be right where you are. She has a great personality and will make a great addition to your family!

Placed in her forever home

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Little Miss Curious! Nothing gets by this gal. She wants to be in the action or part of it all the time. I love her temperament.

Placed in her forever home

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Snuggle Muffin! Sleeping beauty! This big gal is a total "snuggler" and loves to curl up as close and as often as she can.

Placed with Kim

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This quiet little gal is the silent partner that is just beginning to find her voice. She doesn't say much unless she has too. She is content to just be...

Placed in her forever home

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Male Kittens

This little fellow is the old style "gentleman" he is loyal and protector of all. He is going to be a sweet gentle GIANT!

In his forever home with Sheryl

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This big little fellow is going to be huge! He is content to be anywhere as long as it is with you. He is under evaluation for breeding.

In his forever home with Jill

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Born: 2 Brown Classic with Gold Males

4 Brown Classic with Gold Females

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Available Kittens

Hershey & Cyrus October 5th

Felicity & Blaze  October 6th 

Sayomi & Blaze October 14th

Mystery & Blaze Nov 5th

Planned Pairings

Lucy & Mussorgsky

Aria & Mussorgsky

Joy & Cyrus

Felicity & Cyrus

Sayomi & Cyrus

Indigo  & Cyrus



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