These 5 gorgeous brown classics have all been homed with forever families!

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Brown Classic Maine Coon Kittens: 3 Female   2 Male

These Maine Coon Kittens are only a few days old. Their eyes are not even open yet.

Female : Homed

It is very difficult to get pictures of them so young. But, these pics will give you an idea of how gorgeous these kittens are. You can also look at Webster and Essie's last litter for an idea of how they look as they get older

Female : Homed

Female : Homed

Male : Homed

(we do not take a monetary reservation until 4 weeks of age.)

Male :Homed

We have had some gorgeous kittens that have grown into gorgeous and some huge adults. You can get on the waiting list now for their next littler.

To see past litters click on the links on the left for Essie. To see her last litter click here

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Available Kittens

Litters Coming in July & Aug

Due Dates

Felicity & Hunter 

July 27th

Desi & Mussorgsky

Aug 20th

Planned Pairings

Paired in July

Natome & Cyrus 

Tia & Cyrus  

Sayomi & Hunter 

Indigo & Hunter

Joy & Hunter 

Gilandrial & Yota 

Late July Pairings

Rhapsody & Yota 

Mussette & Mussorgsky

Lucy & Mussorgsky 

August Pairings

Pepperazzi & Yota

Eremeya & Hunter